What could be triggering your migraines?

As anyone who suffers from migraines will know, they can be debilitating and sometimes life-limiting. Much more than “just a headache”, migraines often require sufferers to retreat to a dark room to wait out the intense pain, nausea, and neurological symptoms.

Fortunately, some migraine sufferers can cut down the frequency of their attacks by finding out whether any aspects of their lifestyle could be acting as triggers. We’ve put together a useful list of triggers that you may want to experiment with cutting down on. Remember, too, that most chiropractors offer migraine treatment that could also help to improve your symptoms and save you from a great deal of pain.

1. Stress

Paradoxically, thinking about whether a migraine attack is about to strike can cause significant levels of stress. This stress, in turn, can sometimes actually trigger a migraine. Whilst de-stressing can be difficult, try to cut yourself some slack every so often and find time to unwind.

2. Disruptions to your sleep routine

Sleep is fundamental for a healthy brain, so failing to maintain a steady sleep schedule can leave people vulnerable to migraine attacks.

3. Hormones

As many as 75% of women who suffer from migraines state that they often occur around the end of their menstrual cycle. This is not always easy to avoid, but tracking your hormonal fluctuations can help you prepare for any potential migraine attacks.

4. Certain foods

There are a number of foods that have the potential to trigger migraines. If you suspect a certain ingredient may be causing yours, try cutting it out for a few days or weeks and see if there are any improvements. Common triggers include caffeine, cheese, chocolate, MSG, red wine, cured meats, and artificial sweeteners.

5. Dehydration

Dehydration is a very common trigger of migraine and can also cause a host of other problems including dizziness, confusion and nausea. There is, of course, a simple solution to this – stay hydrated at all times! We recommend carrying a water bottle when you are out and about and aiming to drink at least two litres of fluid a day.

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