What exactly is reflexology?

This is a question that members of our chiropractor and podiatrist team here in Perth are sometimes asked. So, we thought it would be useful to explain this key area in more detail.

About reflexology

There are references to the practice stretching back years and it's believed to have been used in key civilisations, including both China and Egypt. In modern times, it has been a recognised treatment for over a century. The first reflexology foot map was produced as far back as the 1920s.

The reflexology process

As a basic description, reflexology is a non-invasive touch therapy. Its aim is to promote deep relaxation and encourage well-being. The basis is the theory that key points on your feet, hands and face correspond with different areas of your body.

The aim is to use skilled fingers to bring key body areas back into balance. Each individual treatment is specific to the patient and the needs of their body.

A treatment for so many

Reflexology is a therapy for all ages. It will take into account any physical or non-physical factors which might be affecting the overall well-being of the patient. Reflexology works to restore a natural balance and patients regularly comment how relaxed they feel after their treatment. Others talk about a reduction in the tension they have been feeling in their daily lives. Returning patients also often tell us that they feel they're sleeping better.

Assisting in so many ways

Reflexology promotes pain relief and detoxification and helps increase energy. It strengthens body functions and can assist in so many different areas from asthma to sciatica. It also helps with knee conditions and back pain and can be used as a headache treatment, for fatigue and digestive problems, as well as so many other conditions.

Trying reflexology for yourself

The simplest way to appreciate how reflexology can be of benefit to you is to make an appointment now. Let Renee Coles, our Clinical Reflexologist, provide what is proving to be an increasingly valuable treatment for a wide range of patients with many different conditions.

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