What's causing your headaches and can a chiropractor help?

It starts as a dull ache and soon you're hiding in a dark room with a bottle of painkillers and a pounding head. Headaches aren't just annoying, they can be debilitating for some. Painkillers are an option but sometimes you're looking for something more preventative. In this case, chiropractors can offer headache treatment.

Causes of headaches


One common cause of headaches is stress. Being overworked or having too much on your plate can cause a tension headache, which is often described as feeling like a band squeezing your head around the temples. If you're suffering from this then try to limit stressors.

Excessive technology use

Another common cause is excessive computer use. The combination of staring at bright lights and hunching over a laptop is a winning combination for headaches. For the bright lights, use blue light blocking glasses or turn down the brightness. Poor posture can cause muscle pain and stiffness, which are issues a chiropractor can treat.


If the pollen count is high or you're in a dusty environment, you might be at risk of a sinus headache. These often present as pain in the nose, eye sockets, and forehead. Try taking an antihistamine and moving indoors to limit your exposure to allergens.


Many pregnant women report experiencing an increase in the amount of headaches that they have throughout the course of their pregnancy. In particular, this increase is noted from around the week 9 mark. However, this varies between individuals.

How a chiropractor can help

Now that we understand some of the different kinds of headaches, we can explore different ways that chiropractors can treat or prevent them.

One treatment option is spinal manipulation. This is where your treating chiropractor uses their hand or a tool to deliver controlled force to an area of the spine. If you have a stiff neck causing your headache, this is a good way to treat it.

Your chiropractor may also give you stretches, such as chin tucks, to keep your spine and muscles moving properly to prevent further headaches.

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