Yoga poses for your back

Whether your back has only recently been giving you gyp, or you are no stranger to those uncomfortable pangs in your back, then why not try yoga? This ancient practice extends beyond just the physical, but in this article, we will be focusing on the physical yoga postures you can try to help alleviate back pain.

As a practice that can also help release stress and overall tension in the body, it can be beneficial in so many ways. A lot of people refrain from trying yoga because they think they aren’t doing it right, aren’t bendy enough or feel they don’t have the time for an entire routine.

That’s why taking note of these poses/techniques will be beneficial because it is a simple move you can incorporate into your day whenever you feel you need it.

Spinal twists

There are various postures in yoga that involve spinal twists. Try a seated spinal twist so you can focus on your posture comfortably. These must always be done with a straight spine and eased into and out of gently.

Spinal twists are great for massaging the spine and improving spinal mobility. If you think about it, a spinal twist isn’t something we naturally do on a day to day basis, so they’re great for keeping you agile.

Child’s pose

Start on all fours for this pose, then sit back onto your glutes with your arms stretched out in front and your forehead on the floor (if it can reach). This works well to elongate your back and stretch out your vertebrae. This pose is especially good for lower back pain.

Forward fold

For this pose, you simply stand rooted on both feet and fold forward. Your head doesn’t have to touch the floor, you just have to be comfortable, letting all tension release from wherever you’re holding it. In this pose, you release the lower back muscles and stretch the hamstrings.


These poses are done on all fours, hunching and arching your back as you go from cat to cow. These poses help to massage the spine and you will likely be able to feel some sort of relief straight away as you complete a few rounds.

If you are worried about your back and would like more advice on back pain treatment, then get in touch with a friendly Perth chiropractor today.

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