Common podiatry myths you should ignore

If you’re having trouble with your feet, you may be tempted to self-diagnose and treat your condition using information from the internet. Unfortunately, there are plenty of podiatry-related myths circulating online that should be ignored. We’ve put together a few below. Remember that you should book a trip to a professional podiatrist as soon as you start experiencing issues with your feet.

Myth #1. Ill-fitting shoes can cause bunions

Whilst uncomfortable shoes can make bunions worse, they are not the root cause. Bunions are actually caused by a genetic condition whereby the bones of the big toe lean towards the smaller toes, creating a bump.

Myth #2. Duct tape can be used to remove warts

Whilst some warts can indeed be eliminated by depriving them of oxygen, this is not the case for plantar warts. This is because plantar warts are caused by an infection that can penetrate deep into the skin.

Myth #3. If you can walk, your foot or ankle cannot be broken

The severity of pain caused by a broken foot or ankle can vary widely and often depends on which bones are affected. Pain thresholds differ from person to person, with many often not realising that their injuries are serious. Remember that walking on a broken foot can make the injury worse and cause serious complications so it is always a good idea to be examined by a podiatrist at the first sign of pain.

Myth #4: Broken toes cannot be treated

It is a fallacy that broken toes cannot be treated and must simply be left to heal by themselves. Treatments vary according to the nature of the break, but may include the insertion of a plate, pin or screw. Indeed, repositioning the bone can ensure that your toe is not permanently deformed.

Myth #5: Only senior citizens need podiatry treatment

Footcare is important at all stages of life. Even newborn babies can experience foot problems, and podiatrists are trained to deal with patients of all ages.

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