The best sports for bad backs and pain

Every person wants to live an active lifestyle for as long as possible, and playing sport is just one of the many ways Perth residents keep on their feet. We all know that exercise is great for our health but for those suffering from back pain some exercises are best avoided. Certain sports can be the cause of back injuries or a trigger for exacerbating lower back pain. Choosing the sports that are best to support your back pain is imperative; in this article, we discuss the sports best for back pain, and the ones you should avoid for long term pain management.

Bad for backs

Golf – Though golf combines walking and a straight, upright movement, the swinging movement can jar the spine, placing it in a vulnerable position for easy aggravation. Players can find the simple twisting motion worsens the pain, combined with the bending required to pick up the ball, and carrying of the golf bag. Most chiropractors suggest against golfing until the pain is better controlled.

Tennis – This style of sport is much like golf, in that it requires jerky, quick movements utilising the spine’s flexibility. Playing tennis also requires strength through the spine, to support the arms and shoulders through the swing. With poor technique and lack of spinal conditioning, playing tennis can easily aggravate any issues and heighten the pain for any sufferer.

Cycling and bike riding – While getting on the bike makes for excellent cardiovascular activity, back pain sufferers may experience more harm than good for prolonged cycling sessions. For the majority of the ride, the spine is in a curved, compromised position, and most back pain sufferers find this position unsustainable for extended periods. Without proper back support, cycling isn’t ideal for those with upper and lower back pain.

Good for backs

Swimming – Why most back pain sufferers love swimming is how smooth experience feels on the spine. With water supporting the body through the activity, there is little pressure on the joints, allowing the spine to move freely and without risk of further aggravation.

Walking – Easily one of the best exercises for back pain, walking poses little risk for exacerbating back pain. Walking works releases the spine, stretches out the muscles, and increases fluid to the affected area, working to ease the joint pain. While this may not be a conventional sport, walking is part of most sports, which allows back pain sufferers to participate in other codes through a modified version.

Sport and back pain treatment

Before undertaking any new sport or training routine, you’re best to seek the advice of your Perth chiropractor, here at Melville Wellness. With our support, we can best guide you to activities that support your spine and prevent further injury.

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