The Incredible Benefits of Needling Therapy

Ever wondered about the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling therapy is a type of therapy used to treat people suffering from back pain, musculoskeletal pain, neck pain, or even pain during recovery from injuries. To most people, the idea of inserting needles to relieve pain may seem rather counterintuitive, but we assure you that there is certainly a reason. During a dry needling treatment session, long, thin needles are put into certain trigger points or tight areas under your skin. It helps repair tissue and aids muscle function. Besides being a wonderful form of treatment for people suffering from lower back and neck pain, dry needling is also fantastic for those suffering from tennis elbow, migraines, spinal dysfunction, joint dysfunction, sciatica, and more.


How does it work?

Dry needling involves a lot more than sticking needles into your body at random. There’s a lot of technique and skill to it. When the needle is inserted into a muscle or trigger point, a lesion is created.  Your body then automatically begins remodeling and healing the damaged soft tissue. The damaged tissues are soon replaced with fresh, new tissues. To put it simply, needling is the catalyst that stimulates the body to heal itself and reduce pain levels. There are no drugs involved and contrary to popular belief, the process is painless.

Here are three benefits that dry needling therapy offers:


Reduces pain levels and muscle tension

Dry needling is wonderful as a pain reduction treatment because it takes trigger points into consideration. Take, for instance, a patient complaining of neck pain. Their therapist will assess the trigger points at play and make sure needles are inserted into the right locations. The needles will then help to relieve tension and swelling that may have occurred in the area. This, in turn, will reduce pain levels and soothe the tension away from your muscles.


Enhances mobility

Besides relieving pain and tightness from the muscles by targeting trigger points, dry needling therapists are able to enhance your overall mobility even after an injury. Enjoying a full range of motion is something many of us take for granted. If you are an athlete or live an active lifestyle, you’ll particularly be able to appreciate a mobile life. Sometimes when your muscles and joints are made to perform the same repetitive movements over and over, you are stressing certain areas of your body. It’s crucial to give it time to recover and heal so that your muscles and joints don’t tense up and affect performance. Dry needling is one of the best treatment methods to improve mobility so you don’t have to live life in pain.


Encourages recovery

The toughest part about an injury often isn’t the injury itself, but the recovery process. Depending on the injury, recovery could take anywhere from a few days to several months. Patients are always excited to regain full use of their bodies once more. To promote recovery, many patients have sought dry needling because it helps reduce pain levels, improves mobility, and shortens recovery times. This is an invaluable benefit of dry needling therapy that people all over the world have shown benefit from.

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