What You Should Let Your Chiropractor Know During Your Visit

When you speak to a chiropractor, you can't just point and say that "it hurts here" and expect them to know what's wrong with you. You need to give them details that are descriptive, honest, elaborate and specific. Here are some tips for communicating your current condition as effectively as you can so that your chiropractor can give you a proper diagnosis:

1 - Let them know about your work conditions

Give them your employment information. This will help your chiropractor an insight of what might be causing your problems. If you’re an office worker, being stationary and sitting in a chair all day long may be what is compressing your back. If you work in construction, heavy lifting may have thrown your body off balance a bit. Tell your chiropractor about what you do for a living and what your work conditions involve - this will help them figure out if it has had an effect on your body.

2 - Give them a low down on your medical history

Your past medical history is also essential information for your chiropractor to consider when trying to diagnose you. Surgeries, illnesses, and even accidents can make quite an impact on your diagnosis, and they may mean that certain techniques and treatment methods will work better than others for you.

3 - Be honest about your diet

In order for your chiropractor to come to an accurate diagnosis, you must be honest about your health and lifestyle. Let them know about your diet, whether you live a vegan lifestyle, are on the keto diet, or are lactose intolerant. The food that you eat can have a heavy influence on your bodily functions. Therefore, it’s crucial for your chiropractor to know about your diet so that they can determine the best course of treatment for you. Depending on how your diet is, you may be recommended some nutrients or supplements for anything you might be missing so that your body can return to optimal health.

4 - Tell them about your exercise routine

Whether you hit the gym on the daily or haven’t set foot inside in over a year, your chiropractor needs to know. If you exercise regularly, you should also give your doctor an idea of the type of exercise that you engage in and how intense it is. This will help your chiropractor gauge where the pains might be coming from, and they will be able to give a more capable lifestyle plan.

5 - Don’t forget to consider your mental health

Whether you realize it or not, your mental health will affect your physical body as much as your mentality. Stress and anxiety can cause one to tighten muscles and may induce a more curved posture, straining the neck and shoulders. If you’ve been stressed, let your chiropractor know - it just may make a difference.

6 - Mention anything else that may have an impact

It is always good to let a health professional know if you smoke or drink. Other things you should mention that you might not have considered is your sleeping habits as well as what positions you primarily sleep in and how often you use your phone or a computer. A lot of people spend hours in front of a screen daily, poor posture and a strained neck from peering downwards could result in issues. These situations may seem minuscule but may be impacting your posture and health.

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