Five at home headache survival tips

The onset of headache and migraine pain can occur seemingly instantly, and if you suffer from migraines and headaches regularly, you'll know it isn't always possible to visit your chiropractor when your symptoms flare-up. While you wait to receive treatment for your headache or migraine, there are many ways in which you can ease the pain, allowing you to continue with everyday life, return to work or manage the discomfort. In this article, we take you through the simple tricks to surviving headache pain, and the ways to make your condition less painful for you in the interim. Book in…

Surprising causes of everyday pain

We all get twinges and niggles of pain every so often. Occasionally, however, this pain can last for a long time and get in the way of our everyday lives. It is often difficult to find reasons for persistent discomfort, and some of the most common causes may surprise you. To clear up any confusion, we’ve put together a few seemingly harmless causes of pain that could be affecting your health: 1. Texting and phone use As digital technology improves at an unprecedented pace, many of us find ourselves glued to phone screens. Whilst the number of people benefiting from…

The essential care tips for feet at every age

Your feet are easily the most neglected parts of your body; with pain originating in your feet radiating right through your body, to infections that can quickly worsen, your feet require constant care, no matter your age. As professional Perth podiatrists, we encounter many neglected feet, and in this article, we share with you the tips to perfect pain-free, healthy feet by detailing the activities you need to be performing regularly, and the footwear decisions to help you stay on your feet for the long run! Wash and dry attentively A simple splash of water on your feet during your…

Why is perinatal chiropractic care important?

Many mothers will tell you that back pain and pregnancy seem to go hand in hand. And not just back pain, but also hip pain, sciatica, headaches, and even migraines. That's because as your baby grows, it puts extra strain on your spine and joints, particularly in the final weeks of pregnancy as your baby almost doubles in size. As a result of these changes, your centre of gravity shifts, and you may not even notice that you’ve adjusted your posture to accommodate it, putting further strain on your spine. Unfortunately, that strain doesn't subside once the baby is born.…

Common back pain causes that may surprise you

Most of us experience back pain at some point in our lives. For many people, in fact, this uncomfortable and debilitating form of pain can be a daily occurrence that gets in the way of doing work and having a social life. Unfortunately, the causes of back pain are notoriously difficult to identify. This is partly down to the fact that it can be caused by a wide range of different factors. As most chiropractors will tell you, however, back pain is most commonly caused by lifestyle factors, some of which may surprise you. These include: 1. Sitting down On…

How Your Podiatrist Helps You Find The Perfect Footwear

Most people don’t know that their podiatrist is one of the best resources to call upon for footwear advice. While they are known best for treating feet diseases and skin conditions, a podiatrist is experienced and highly specialised in the impact of footwear on the feet and gait, and know all about bad footwear’s significant ability to cause poor foot health. In this article, we take you through how one of our Perth Podiatrists can help you find your next pair of shoes, how they analyse your body for the best style of shoe, and the things you will likely…

Preventive therapy: the chiropractic precautionary checks to protect your body

The common misconception surrounding chiropractic care is centred around timing - as in, the only time you should see your chiropractor is when something happens to you. Whether it be when you're desperately seeking back pain, headache or migraine treatment, most people assume that once this initial treatment is over, the chiropractor can no longer help you. However, preventive care, routine checks, and assessments are definitely treatments types a chiropractor can help you with. In this article, we discuss the wide range of assessments chiropractors can deliver on an ongoing basis, the types of preventative care a chiropractor is best…

What to expect from your first visit to the podiatrist

Visiting the podiatrist can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for those who haven’t seen a podiatrist before, or for those who aren’t 100% sure what they do. Though you may have been recommended to see a podiatrist by another medical professional, or you have done your research online, there is no need to be nervous during your first visit. In this article, we take you through some of the likely things that could happen when you see one of our Perth Podiatrists, so you know exactly what to expect!   Foot inspection   Podiatrists are specialists of the feet…

The back pain you shouldn’t be ignoring

Every now and then everyone suffers from a little back pain, usually from explainable reasons like sitting too long on a flight, or from overdoing it at the gym. However, every now again, we suffer from back pain that certainly isn’t a twinge and won’t go away overnight.   Perth chiropractors and podiatrists see quite a range of back pain, from the twinges just mentioned to the more serious conditions that need immediate attention. In this article, we take you through the back pain symptoms that cannot be ignored, the symptoms when you need to see your chiropractor straight away.…

Toe to woe – how foot pain can trigger headaches

When a headache hits, the troubleshooting begins. As you reach for the painkillers, you also run through a list of the possible suspects – have you had enough water? Enough sleep? Too much caffeine? Too little? Rarely do we consider the possibility that our pain could stem from as far away from our head as possible, our feet, yet a quarter of people who report debilitating headaches have poor posture resulting from foot issues. The good news is that your podiatrist may be able help you overcome even severe headaches. When you consider what we put our feet through, it’s…

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